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Heart Chakra Mala Bead Necklace (Green)

About the Brand

Sourced from the highest quality Rudraksha beads in the world, Soma the founder of Aum Rudraksha Designs was told a prophecy that her Dharma (destiny) was to spread the Rudrakshas beads to the western world so that “the world would be at peace if everyone was wearing them.” Aum Rudraksha Designs’ main goal is to encourage peace and love amongst all the people of this world by sharing the healing energy of these rare and sacred beads. Aum Rudraksha Design is an eco friendly and sustainable company that also contributes over 20% of profit to local charities in its community.

How to use

The Heart Chakra bridges the spiritual and the earthly chakras. It is associated with the many expressions of love, compassion, and relating to others and oneself. The function of the Heart chakra is driven by the principle of connection and integration. It also determines the health, strength and balance of the body.
Use palo santo or sage smoke to cleanse and recharge.


Prehnite: increases energy and provides protection, eases feelings of anger and strengthens heart.
Chalcedony: used for health protection. It also increases the vividness of dreams, and can transform negative energy through dispersion.
Green Aventurine: for comfort and balance. It protects, activates and clears the heart chakra.

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