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gold circle of life bracelet

Our timeless and delicate sterling silveråÊcircle of life bracelet layers perfectly with other feminine styles.åÊ

Powers of gemstones and symbols:

Circle of life symbolåÊhelps to remind usåÊthat life is aåÊconstant loop. The circleåÊsymbolises eternity as it has no beginning and no end. It represents the infinity nature of energy.

- Measures approximately 16 cm or 6.4" in length
- Adjustable length up to 2.5 cm or 1"
- The pendantåÊmeasures 1.3 cmåÊor 0.5"
- Ships from Hong KongåÊin a Karma Links gift box
- Includes a Flower of Life flashåÊtattoo
- Payment will be charged in $USD

Store your jewellery separately in a box, a pouch or a zip log bag to avoid oxidation and it being scratched.